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*🙏🏻 Jai Jinendra 🙏🏻*

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*Date* : 17th December, 2018
*Thithi : Namm ( 2nd 9 ) *

*Tip For The Day : *
• "Kunthu Nataya Namah" ki ek mala fere.
• Radish, Bun, Karela & Laddu ka tyaag kare.

*🙏🏻 Jai Mahaveer 🙏🏻*

a day
Sunil Lalwani

*🙏🏻 Jai Jinendra 🙏🏻*
*Date* : 12th December, 2018
*Thithi : Paancham ( 5 ) *

*Tip For The Day : *
• "VasuPujya Nataya Namah" ki ek mala fere.
• Potato, Butter, Curd & Tomato ka tyaag kare.

*🙏🏻 Jai Mahaveer 🙏🏻*

*Important Information * :

Smt. Sirdarbai w/o Goutham Chandji Dungarwal Chowdry from Tirukoilur (TamilNadu) ka 08/11/2018, Saturday shaam 06:30pm baje Santara pachkaan hua tha.
Aur athyanth dukh ke sath kehna pad raha he ki, 11/12/2018 ko unhone, Dev, Guru aur Dharam ke krupa se Santarapurvak Pandit-Maran prapth kar, achchi gathi paayi he.

The thing i want to convey is, Not everyone is as lucky as Smt. Sirdarbai to take Santara before death, rarely did this happen, so, let's decide to leave the path of Krodh, Maan, Maya, Loab, Raaj & Dwesh and get involved in Good deeds and follow the right path towards Jainism!

Deep condolences to the Family of Dungarwal Chowdry, Tirukoilur.

🙏🏻 Jai Mahaveer 🙏🏻

6 days
Sunil Lalwani

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*🏳‍🌈 Jai Jinendra 🏳‍🌈*
*Date* : 18th December, 2018
*Thithi : Dassam ( 10 ) *

*Araha Jin Janma*
*Araha Jin Moksha*

*Tip For The Day : *
• "Araha Nataya Namah" ki ek mala fere.
• Onion, Curd, Channa, Chikki (Burfi) ka tyaag kare.

*🏳‍🌈Jai Mahaveer 🏳‍🌈*

*Important Information :*
From now on, *"🙏🏻"* would be replaced by *"🏳‍🌈"*.
There are several factors proving the importance of the 5-coloured flag :

1. Scientifically & also according to Jainism, The flag denotes the 5 colours (Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, White), (Kala, Neela, Laal, Pila, Safed)those are the only colors that a living being can see. Any other color is nothing but the mixture of these 5.

2. According to Jainsim,
These 5 colours denote the 5 Padh of the Navkar Mantra.......

(To be continued......)

*Thank you for the suggestion, Sunil Ji Lalwani, Tirukoilur, TamilNadu. *

23 hours
Sunil Lalwani