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*🙏🏻 Jai Jinendra 🙏🏻*

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*Date* : 17th December, 2018
*Thithi : Namm ( 2nd 9 ) *

*Tip For The Day : *
• "Kunthu Nataya Namah" ki ek mala fere.
• Radish, Bun, Karela & Laddu ka tyaag kare.

*🙏🏻 Jai Mahaveer 🙏🏻*

2 days
Sunil Lalwani

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*🏳‍🌈 Jai Jinendra 🏳‍🌈*
*Date* : 18th December, 2018
*Thithi : Dassam ( 10 ) *

*Araha Jin Janma*
*Araha Jin Moksha*

*Tip For The Day : *
• "Araha Nataya Namah" ki ek mala fere.
• Onion, Curd, Channa, Chikki (Burfi) ka tyaag kare.

*🏳‍🌈Jai Mahaveer 🏳‍🌈*

*Important Information :*
From now on, *"🙏🏻"* would be replaced by *"🏳‍🌈"*.
There are several factors proving the importance of the 5-coloured flag :

1. Scientifically & also according to Jainism, The flag denotes the 5 colours (Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, White), (Kala, Neela, Laal, Pila, Safed)those are the only colors that a living being can see. Any other color is nothing but the mixture of these 5.

2. According to Jainsim,
These 5 colours denote the 5 Padh of the Navkar Mantra.......

(To be continued......)

*Thank you for the suggestion, Sunil Ji Lalwani, Tirukoilur, TamilNadu. *

a day
Sunil Lalwani

*🏳‍🌈 Jai Jinendra 🏳‍🌈*
*Date* : 19th December, 2018
*Thithi : Igyarass & Barass ( 11 & 12 ) *

**Moan Igyaraas**

*Araha Jin Diksha*
*Malli Jin Janma *
*Malli Jin Diksha*

*Tip For The Day : *
• Navkar Mantra ki ek mala fere.
• Jaminkhand, Mithai, RatriBojan avam Bramachaarya ka tyaag/palan kare.

*🏳‍🌈Jai Mahaveer 🏳‍🌈*

*Important Information :*

This Igyaraas, also called Moan Igyaraas/Ekadashi or Mokshada Ekadashi, is the most important Igyaraas of the year.
Today is the right day to starts Tapp.
Today is the day when all the Three Chovisi's 150 Tirtankars's Kalyanak happened.
In short, The most important day.

Any Tapp or any Dharam related things done today would yield 150 times the benefit.
So please, i request you to do as much as Dharam and Tapp as possible.

🏳‍🌈Jai Mahaveer 🏳‍🌈

16 hours
Sunil Lalwani